Pennies & Other Coins from Heaven
Cat-like reflexes? Test them as you try to tap pennies and other coins falling from Heaven. Try to best your high score and collect all the trophies in this easy to learn, hard to master, cat-like reflex game of games. The coins are worth different points and fall randomly with varying speed according to worth. Also, the gravity level in Pennies from Heaven increases over time making the coins fall faster. All of this makes Pennies from Heaven difficult, but the hardest part...let one coin touch the ground and it's GAME OVER!

Milkin' It
Test your concentration and memory with this teatillating game similar to Simon. Betsy will randomly squirt her teats adding one squirt with each round. Simply tap the teats in the correct sequence to advance to the next round. Sound easy? It's tougher than you think. Try it today and see if you have enough brain power to reach level 60.

Pro version now FREE!
The pro version has extras such as: No more starting back at level 1, golden bucket checkpoints every 5 rounds and auto game save when a checkpoint is reached.


Base Hit
Base Hit is a baseball or softball spray chart app that allows you to visually record and track players' hits through the course of a game. Base Hit features a very simple drag and drop user interface. Other features include team and player creation, on the fly lineups and database backup and restore. All data is stored in a local database on your mobile device.

If you're interested in visually tracking, recording and storing hits without having to deal with other aspects of the game, then Base Hit is the app for you. Help page with Instructions.


Bright Switch
You can now show any potential customer their projected savings just by gathering their current bill and kWh/therms used, all at the cost of a fast food meal! It's simple, easy, and best of all portable. Bright Switch is brought to you by Avidity. A company created for and by Ambit Independent Consultants.